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This is just a very basic rococo style dress with no extra fuss. It’s perfect for small gatherings or just enjoying a nice day at home. 
  • mesh was made by myself (vertices: 3259 / polygons: 4465)
  • 25 swatches/patterns
  • found under long dresses 
  • available as: everyday, party, situation, fancy dress
  • feel free to recolor, please don’t include the mesh

(preview image resourceswallpaper / hairstyle)

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

Here’s the second part of the portraits I made. This time in a different style frame.
  • 6 paintings (4 humans + 2 pets)
  • found under paintings in buy/build mode at 500$

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

Here’s a few uniforms made to look like the 18th century army uniforms. Authentically speaking these are inaccurate because I personally didn’t feel the need for them to be exactly spot on like the real ones used back then. I might later make something for the higher ranked soldiers.
  • mesh by me, included 
    • vertices: / polygons
  • 8 swatches (4 redcoats + 4 blue coats)
  • found under suits in CAS
  • the sim in the previews is wearing this hair. 

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

I FINALLY GOT IT WORKING RIGHT! After nearly giving up trying to fix it the problem turned out to be just a few wrong weights and now the hair should move as natural as possible. 
  • conversion from s3 but I made tiny alterations, like deleting the flowers
  • vertices: 2444 / polygons: 2836
  • compatible with hatsfound under long hair in CAS
  • maxis match, comes in 13 natural EA colors

 DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

This is an outfit consisting of a hat and a dress. The hat and top mesh is from sims 3 and the skirt part from sims 4.
  • BGC
  • 13 swatches 
  • Mesh info:
    • Dress: vertices: 4483 / polygons:5761
    • Hat:  1100 / polygons:1362

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

This was originally a sims 3 store hair that I converted to sims 4 and then edited a little. I made it for this little project. 
  • BGC
  • S4 Maxis Match, comes in 13 natural EA colors
  • Compatible with hats
  • Vertices: 3348 / Polygons: 3608
  • Found under short hair
(The sim in the previews is wearing this dress & this necklace)

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

There wasn’t a lot of maxis match style portrait paintings available for my 18th century story so I made a few from the characters themselves. I hope some of you might have use for them too.
Includes portraits of:
  • Gustav, Count of Spenborough
  • Georgina, Countess Spenborough
  • Vidal, Marquis of Avon
  • Robert, Earl of Mansfield
  • Lady Julia
  • Lady Lucia
 Found under paintings in build/buy mode at  500§

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

I really loved this conversion @cepzid​ did of the Sims 3′s Palace of Versailles so I recolored it.


  • Mesh by @cepzid​ IS needed (get it HERE)
  • 5 recolors
  • found under suits in CAS
  • the hair in the previews is by Kiara and can be found here

DOWNLOAD (at simfileshare, no adfly)

I’m still making more clothes for 18th century sims men and here’s the latest. This download includes the bardly shirt from sims 3 converted to sims 4 plus breeches I recolored from these rococo ones made by Kiara Zurk. 
(the hair in the previews is also by Kiara and can be found here)
  • Bardly shirt conversion
    • 10 recolors
    • found under dress shirts in CAS
  • Breaches
    • mesh by Kiara Zurk (included)
    • 10 recolors 
    • found under cut trousers in CAS
    • pantyhose's not included, they’re from BG

DOWNLOAD (pick and choose at simfileshare, no adfly)

So here’s the simblreen gift I gave out to trick or treaters during halloween weekend. This wasn’t a very spooky but more autumn-y type gift ;)

  • 4 meshes converted from Sims 3
    • Adult female
    • Adult male
    • Child unisex
    • Toddler unisex
  • All come in 2 versions (20 solid colors + 12 patterned ones)
  • All are found under jackets in CAS (casual+athletic)  

DOWNLOAD (pick'n choose at simfileshare)

  • Mesh & Texture from Sims 3 Palace of Versailles Store Set
  • Vertices:  5107 / Polygons: 6744
  • 8 recolors
  • found under suits  in CAS

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare, no adfly)

Guys I finally did it! I managed to convert an outfit from sims 3 to sims 4! And all thanks to the tutorial by the wonderful @cepzid . This is a conversion from the Palace of Versailles store set, because I’m really into playing a 18th century / rococo inspired game at the moment. 

Hair used in the preview is by Kiara Zurk and is found HERE
  • Mesh & Texture from Sims 3 Palace of Versailles - store set
  • Polygons: 6694 / Vertices: 5231
  • 5 Recolors
  • Found under suits in CAS

DOWNLOAD  (Simsfileshare, no adfly)